Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Winterize Your Beauty Routine

I for one am impatiently awaiting the first annual snowfall and by that I don’t mean that I want it to happen, but I know that its coming soon so I want to hurry up and get it over with. As the weather gets colder I want to stay in bed longer, my skin is getting dry and itchy, and I can’t go out with half dry hair expecting a frizz free unfrozen style anymore. So, I wanted to share my tips & tricks to winterize your beauty routine!
1.If your blow dryer isn’t almost blowing your head off your shoulders it’s not doing the job. Having a high powered blow dryer will significantly reduce your getting ready time, improve your hair health by not heat drying for long periods, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot! TIP: Make sure to blast your hair on the cold setting after blow drying. If your hair is still hot from the inside of the strands and you go outside in the cold it will be prone to get frizzy! Here are my favorite hair dryer picks that all include:
  • High performance motor and fan
  • 3 heat settings / 2 speed settings
  • Ions
  • 1875 watt power* (*this is the min. watt voltage to look for when picking a good dryer!)
  • Warrantees ranging from 2-4 years 

    2. BB/CC Cream!! These creams pack a lot of power in one little tube. Take a look at the new BB by Revlon which combines moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, and sunscreen in one little tube. Of course you're still going to apply some touch ups with foundation/concealer but this little beauty balm will give your skin that extra moisturizing benefits and provide coverage all in one easy step!

    3. New foundation. My advice? Take a trip into Sephora and get them to match you up. You don't want to be rocking your ultra tan summer shade of make up all winter long. Plus, some brands make kick ass moisturizing foundations to aid in keeping your skin healthy all winter long. Two great picks are Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme or Make Up For Ever HD.
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