Albinism Resources

If you have a child diagnosed with Albinism welcome to our story!

Here are some tips & links that I found helpful when we first found out our daughter was diagnosed with Albinism:

The closed Facebook group Ocular Albinism can be a great resource and if you reach out they will shower you with tips and kindness. Coolibar is a clothing brand that offers UV clothing you can find the link here. There is also a detergent to wash your clothes with to make them UV protected you can find that link here 

Articles online:

A beautiful read about a simple encounter we will all face sometime:

An article I wrote about dealing with comments:

If you are in Canada you qualify for the child disability tax credit & you apply online here:

Get connected with CNIB (Your eye doctor needs to contact them to get involved)

PUF Funding for pre school support:

Make sure to ask around for funding for UV Clothing

Books when you need a friend, to laugh, or to cry:

NOAH: National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation:
You can join the NOAH community and they will send you resources for a fee, right now it is 30 dollars. There is also an annual conference you can attend to meet people going through the same things you are. 

Information on HPS:


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