Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Third Trimester Truths

Pregnancy is anything but glamorous. You can dress it up and you can take it out, but as soon as you get me home I am straight into full back undies, baggy sweats, and cotton bras with zero under wire to curl in and watch television for the rest of the evening. My poor husband takes it like a champ.

 In fact, last weekend I had a mini meltdown packing up all my usual push ups which no longer fit, shedding a tear as I stuffed them away and replaced them with my new very comfy and practical, but not very cute nursing bras.

A big shout out to Thyme Maternity store because without them I would be lost. It is the only place I've done any maternity clothes shopping, but its truly the only store I need. I have got 4 pairs of the cutest stretchy pants to wear to work, the comfiest pajama pants I've ever owned, bras and undies and a couple of really cute sweaters there since I got too round for some of my old duds and I am so happy with everything. Plus, they have great sales... I got one pair of pants for 9 bucks & the bras are only about 30 dollars and they give you a coupon for 15 off if you get undies too!

As I delve deeper into my third trimester there are many things I am grateful for starting with my amazing doctor who personally returned my call this week to address a concern I was having....

I've been getting this stabbing pain in my right shoulder blade that worsens the more I sit, so its really great that I sit most of my day at work... not. Living in the age of Google can be such a curse because I was convinced my gallbladder was under attack, but it turns out that if there isn't enough room for your uterus than your ribs will separate up to 3 inches. I have been trying some new stretches and weekly chiro and massage appointments, so I hope it lessens because o.ma.gawd its painful.

None of my coats fit anymore which is really annoying since its minus a hundred in Canada these days and I really don't want to spend money on an over sized coat, so instead I'm hoping some over sized scarves will do the trick for the rest of the winter. However, my outside activities will be more limited now, so I guess its a good thing my husband got my treadmill up and running last weekend!

Eye cream. Where do I even begin. I never really understood it before, but after someone at work said they knew I was pregnant before I announced it because "pregnant women get poofy eyes" I started to kind of feel like were poofy even if they didn't really look it. So, I went out and got this little gem and I keep it in my fridge. The metal rollers on it feel really great, so whether or not the cream does anything just the placebo makes me feel better.

I feel like I get very little sleep these days getting up almost every hour, so maybe that's god preparing me for a newborn, or its my subconscious making sure I am getting up to pee so I don't end up with a UTI which I guess is very common in the later stages of pregnancy. I am 30 weeks this Friday which sounds like such a huge milestone to me! I need to get it together and take some bump pics soon because I don't have very many so far at all!

I have 8 weeks left of work and the countdown is onnnn!
I continue to crave sweets, but that's pretty normal for me.
I am still reading Bringing up Bebe.
I have recently stopped using my pregnancy pillow (for now) because its hard to climb over when I get up to pee 3000 times in a night.
I am back to having the occasional nap on my lunch hours & to being more thirsty like in my first trimester.
I miss rare steak.
I am feeling more and more ready for her to get here every day that passes.