Saturday, December 14, 2013

20 Something's

The closer I get to being 30, the more I start thinking about my 20's. Are our 20 something's the magic numbers that define our lives where we're allowed to be irresponsible, travel, and live with our parents again? I have learned many valuable things throughout my 20's that I wish I could have bestowed on my younger self, so I felt like compiling a list for other 20's something to share in case they are guilty of these young idiosyncrasies too.

1. You will not always feel the need to be bleach blonde. You will actually like having hair a few shades darker, getting it done way less, and therefore not going broke once a month trying to hide your natural much darker roots from the world. Get some low lights and save both your wallet and your hair from too much blonde.

2. That thing you're trying to accomplish with bronzer & black eye shadow? It's called contouring. Put down the black and pick up a makeup manual. It will come in handy in more ways than you know.

3. Quit University after first year and travel with your big sister. The ability to do this and [her] will both be gone too soon and her dreams to see the world will inevitably become your own.

4. That awful drink you used to stay awake to study in college with 10 sugars and 5 creams? Its called coffee and will become one of your favorite habits that you will not only come to drink Black and enjoy, but will also try to quit drinking several times and return back to it simply because you love having a cup and hey, there are worst addictions right??

5. Maturity does not come with marriage or entering your 30's. You will still laugh, stumble, want to take naps, rely on others, and remain terrified of driving. At least for a few more years.

6. Don't do shots at bars. I repeat shots. One is your max. You are not a heavy weight champion. You do not hold hard liquor well.

7. Don't drink Pinot Grigio just because your friends do. That shudder you make after each sip means you don't like it. You're a C girl: Chardonnay & Cabernet. Remember that.

8. You will find your Prince Charming when the time is just right. Well, maybe too young, but he will become your husband, so go easy on each other. You will both live and learn.

9. You will stop hating the fact that your mom used to pester you to go to church with her. You will be grateful of the knowledge you learned there that will not only come in handy during your English degree, but also in life and someday you will again crave spirituality.

10. Be very grateful of your childhood. Very few had such awesome neighbours as you to swing on ropes in barns with, act your age, and remain such very special people to you as you get older. Oh and stay closer to them in high school. They are wiser than you.

11. Be nicer to people. All people. Kindness will become your mantra.

12. The hometown you hated? It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth and you will spend a period of your life missing it so much it will bring you to tears.

13. Your little sister will become the most beautiful and kindest young lady. Spend more time with her. You will miss her everyday you're apart.

14. You were right, you do look better with a tan, but not from a tanning bed. You will get fine lines on your forehead from it and self tanner works just fine.

15. You will experience a lot of grief and loss and you will get through it.

16. As you gain confidence you will shed your tough shell you used to protect yourself for many years.

17. Stop obsessing over the stretch marks you got on your thighs during puberty. Someday you will accept and appreciate your body for what it is.

18. Make better desicions when it comes to getting tattoos. You will spend a lot of wasted time and money getting rid of them.

19. That dog you got in college? She will become the best decision you ever made and will cuddle with you and make you laugh when you need it most.

20. You will never be sure you're working the right job, living in the right place, or doing the right thing. Be grateful of each day and take it as it comes.

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