Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY Chanel Tees: Two Ways To Wear

I took these pictures when I was at home visiting my mom & little sister. I made my sister Elly a few DIY tees and wanted to show you guys two different ways to wear them. My outfit is a little more dressed up with galaxy leggings & wedges where Elly's is a little more casual with boots, a scarf, and leather leggings. I love these pictures of Elly and make me miss home. Doesn't she have the best curly hair?? I would do anything for these curls. Sorry some of the pictures are different sizes/better quality. This is my first post ever uploading outfit pictures from my camera, so I'm still trying to get the hang of it! xo


On Elly:
Leggings @ Romwe
Jacket & Plaid Shirt @ Garage
Chanel T @ DIY
Brown & Black Boots @ Pseudio
Scarf @ Aldo
On Kade:
Leggings @ Romwe
Chanel T @ DIY
Fur Vest @ H&M
Wedges @ Aldo
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  1. Katie, this is a great idea. Nice pictures! And yes, Elly does have the best curly hair:)