Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Better Brows: Make Up Forever Aqua Brow Product Review

I am always on the search for ways to improve my too blonde too short eyebrows. Eyebrows can really make or break the overall look of your face because of how they frame your eyes and draw attention to the center of the face. After years of using pencils, I ended up with two favorite brands LancĂ´me & Too Faced, but hated dishing out 40 dollars on a pencil that I had to sharpen almost everyday and went through them far too much. So, I decided to try a wax powder kit and really liked the effect of Benefits Brow Zings. Brow Zings is a great product if you have the time and patience to prefect the look you're going for, but when I work early mornings I was ending up with too bushy/too waxy brows and went back on the hunt for the perfect brow product and ended up with this dream boat of a brow gel....

Make Up Forever Aqua Brow comes in four different shades and is the best brow product I have ever used. It goes on so easily to create the perfect look and stays put all day. It claims to be waterproof & I'm not sure that I would go that far because it does wash off really easily, but it creates the look of full brows and is completely smudge proof. I use the small brushes from the Brow Zings kit to apply it because they are so small that they deposit the perfect amount of product on the brows & I also finish the look off using the powder from the Brow Zings kit over top of the Aqua Brow gel to darken and soften the look. Aqua Brow is only 20 dollars and Sephora workers state it should last about one year, so we will see about that. Either way, its half the price of the pencils, it gives the perfect look, and stays on all day! I'll be using this product for a long time to come!
Suggested Use:

-Using an angled brush, pretend there is a vertical line from side of your nose (you can take a pencil & line it up beside your nose to get an idea of where the imaginary line will start on both sides) and start to fill your brow in from that line outwards, continuing towards the arch of the brow and then make a thinner line down to the tail.
-Fill in sparse areas and blend. Top with powder to set if you wish.

Tip: When you first start to fill in your brows you might think you look like a werewolf, or fear that you look like you have a unibrow.. it is normal to feel that way if you aren't used to it, but do not worry you do not look that way and any time you need brow inspiration please look at top model Cara Delevingne and her amazing brows.

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