Friday, January 9, 2015

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Review

You guys. Before I even got pregnant, so I'm talking 6+ months ago a company contacted me and sent me this hand cream to review and I feel awful that I am only getting to it now, but it might be good that it took me this long because I have been able to put it through the test. First off it is -30 in Alberta this winter, so if that's not enough to destroy my hands, couple that with working in a hospital and being pregnant, so needing to pee and wash my hands what feels like a kagillion times a day... my hands are being Torturrredd. BUT, this cream has the nicest light scent, rubs in soo good which is so important to me not to have to wait for cream to dry because I need to touch a lot of paper throughout the day AND it does wonders to my skin! I naturally have super dry skin and my hands get that like rough really aged look to them & this cream totally brings them back to life!

Check out their website here to get the full scoop on it's deal and how awesome it is and go out and get some ASAP. They sell it at Shoppers in Canada I do believe! It will be a staple in my purse for years to come and am so I got introduced to it!

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