Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Black Leather Maxi & Red Lips

I am the furthest thing from a good photographer. I bought a decent camera DSLR camera a year ago and still have no idea how to use it. I also do not edit photos. If I did I would probably be able to narrow down and pick my fav of some of these outfit pics I took of my sister, but it was just too hard! I was 12 when my sister Elly was born, so when I look at pictures like these with her way too amazing curls and perfect skin I just die... how did my little baby sister turn into such a beauty? And I don't just mean her looks she is seriously the most kindhearted sweetest person I've ever met. Can you tell I'm obsessed with her??! 

I bought this dress at H&M the day she was picking out her back to school clothes and then I found out I was pregnant and I didn't have a chance to wear it before it didn't fit anymore, so I just had to get someone in this dress and take some pictures! The necklaces are from Aldo and are so easy to wear again and again with just about anything!

Today is my last of the every four week prenatal appointments with my doctor meaning after today I start going every two weeks.. doesn't that seem crazy!? I am so happy I chose a doctor in the town I work instead of live in because what the heck.. how do people work and make time to see a doctor every two weeks!? It's also crazy because that means my third trimester is beginning soon ahh. I've started decorating her room, so I will post some pics soon! xo