Monday, May 26, 2014

DIY Studded Jeans

Happy Monday! I had such a fun weekend meeting up with the photographer for my blog to bring you guys some more fashion posts, I filmed a brow tutorial, so I'll be getting that ready, and I tried out my new golf clubs that my husband got me for our one year anniversary and went out for 9 holes with a gal pal and had such a fun time!!

This was a post I did when I first started my blog and I kinda forgot about these jeans until I found them recently and loved the pocket I did on them, so I wanted to re-share how to DIY some denim studs!

I first saw this picture online and loved it so much, so I ordered some studs from ebay, you can find it here

And then I found this video on You Tube for instructions

And then I tried it for myself and I loved the result, it was really easy, it only took about a half an hour, and I think it looks so fun! Also, I've washed them a couple times and had no issues!

Anyways give it a go and let me know how you made out! I think my studs were 10mm. I recently ordered more and got 12mm and they are a little too big for my liking. Also, I got gold because the jeans I wanted to do them on are dark, but if you're doing light jeans I think silver would look best. Have fun!!

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