Monday, May 12, 2014

5 Things I Learned from My Mom

1.I can still hear my mom's voice every time I put on a pair of pants, skirt, or shorts. Basically anything that covers my booty and there it is. Her little reminder to make sure "my crack is on straight". I used to wince and complain every time she grabbed my jeans by the hips and gave em a quick turn, but to this day I can hear her sweet voice and find myself making sure I am all on straight. This picture is of my mom and my older sister at her prom. Niki passed away six years ago and my mother's ability to remember, cherish, her strength and her love are so remarkable to me. 

2.Don't cry over spilled milk. It was my birthday. I had some friends over and we decided to make chocolate milkshakes and I was all over it. I got everything together poured it in the blender and pressed blend. All good right? Except, I didn't have the cover on the blender. Chocolate sauce went from the tops of the ceiling dripped down the walls in every crevice nook and cranny. There was my mom" We don't cry over spilled milk in this household" and off she went with her cloth helping me wipe it all up. I flew home last fall to see my family and we took this picture at the beach in my hometown. I always took growing up on the ocean for granted until I moved to Europe and traveled for 8 months and then moved to Alberta where there is no ocean in sight. I can finally agree that there is  truly no place like home! 

3.Don't wear SO much make up. Okay, so I still wear quite a bit of make up. Its my thing. I love the art of it, doing it, and how it makes me feel. But a little goes a long way in terms of eyeliner, bronzer, and blush and that's one thing I have definitely learned from my gorgeous mama who has never worn anything besides eye make up and lipstick in her life. If I had her olive brown skin I wouldn't want to cover it up with foundation either. Here is me, my mom on the right, and my mother in law on the left, another amazing lady in my life, on my wedding day!

4.Be polite. At the table, on the phone, in a restaurant, you name it. Say please and thank you, and mean it. My manners are one thing that have been ingrained in me that I am truly proud of and I have one person to thank for that and that's my momma. I can still hear her complaining if one of my friends called and muttered "Katie there" to her. She would repeat it like a parrot to me for an hour and remind me firmly that I better have better phone manners than that. 

5.Don't be lazy. If you're not going to study then go for a run she would say to me and she leads my example. That lady works harder than anyone else I have ever met. Between working full time, raising 3 kids, and keeping up not only with cooking, laundry, and house keeping while we ransacked the house it was endless amounts of yard work and gardening that she still keeps up with today. Here is a picture of my mom making the most delicious homemade bread that she made every weekend while I was growing up. The smell of fresh baked bread will always remind me of home. 

In honor of Mother's Day yesterday I wanted to share just a couple of the things that I learned from my mom growing up. I just love her so much. The thing I learn the older I get is just how alike my mom and I are in so many ways which explains why we used to fight so much growing up. I have inherited her stubbornness, sensitive soul, ability to love deeply, live freely, to work hard and to play hard. I love you Mom!

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