Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Hangover Detox Plan

Most of us at one time or another have a few too many drinks then we should and if you're anything like me, if you treat yourself or go out planning to have one cocktail or glass of wine it can quickly turn into a few sugary drinks & a bottle of Merlot. So, while I am in no means telling you to go out and booze these are some tips for those times you need to let loose:

Before you go out:
  • Drink Water: Getting your 8 glasses leading up to a night out on the town hydrates your body & flushes toxins
  • Eat: Because Alcohol is acidic it is important to eat before you start drinking to line your stomach preventing illness
  • Nourish: My friends & I discovered this in collage, before bed take a B + vit C complex vitamin which your body uses up when you drink alcohol. I always get Redoxon tablets from Walmart and add one to a glass of water before bed, so that I'm getting water & replenishing my vitamins all at once!

Out on the Town:
  • Water: Alternating an alcoholic drink with a glass of water really helps. If you find that to be too much just make sure to keep a glass of water full and handy and at least sip throughout the night, or drink a bottle of water in between drinks when out dancing!
  • Avoid Bubbles: Avoiding bubbly drinks will keep you in better shape longer, as carbonated drinks absorb quicker
  • Age & Sex Please: Remember who you are! Women are less able to break down alcohol than men, so don't go to beer to beer with your beaux and avoid shots, or you'll be a hot puking mess. We've all been there and its so not fun.
Now… if this all fails you here are some great tips to cure the dreaded next day Hang Over

  • Re hydrate: For the 3rd time, DRINK WATER! Fresh fruit and veggie juices high in antioxidants with also help eliminate toxins & fizzy mineral water will re-oxygenate your blood. 
  • Re Nourish: Re-fuel your body with more Vitamin B complex & C. Make sure you've eaten first, vitamin overload on an empty stomach can make you even more nauseous. I also don't like the fizzy tablets the next day, so I opt for pill form on the day after. 
  • Be Healthy: The grease myth will come back to bite you. You don't want to add to toxins, you want to get rid of them, so have a healthy breakfast, get some light exercise (walk to the store & back), and avoid caffeine which is diuretic will cause you to lose water you need back & its acidity will irritate your stomach. 
  • Rest: Have a nice warm relaxing bath & go to bed early! 

Morning After Breakfast Smoothie

1 Banana
1/2 C yogurt (Plain Greek is best) 
1 TSP honey
1 TSP sunflower seeds
1 TBSP Rolled oats or flax seed

Blend and enjoy!  This smoothie will balance your blood sugars, maintaining fluid levels, provide the correct balance of acid to alkaline, and provide you will a gradual release of energy. Feel free to modify a bit, but remember to add the banana, as it will replenish your potassium. Feel Better!!
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