Friday, August 2, 2013

H&M Goodie Basket

Did everyone hear that H&M is finally taking the plunge into the world of online shopping? Only for the US of course right now, but you know that means that Canada can't be too far behind (or can it?). Either way, H&M has been a staple in my closest and sometimes the only store I venture into when my wallet is almost empty, but shopping cravings are high. So, I decided to honor their decision to let us shop online with this post! I got a h&m gift card for my July birthday that has recently come and gone & this is everything I scored:

 H&M Pineapple Top
                                                        H&M Kimono

H&M Oversized Jaws T
H&M Chunky Gold Necklace
This is me and my dad on a trip to visit him last weekend. It's tough to really see the top, but its a newbie striped black and white gem of a shirt from H&M (click to enlarge and see better), colorful chunky necklace also H&M, and yellow high-waist jeans from last summer also H&M!

Here is how I styled my kimono from H&M, what look did you go with?

 photo katie-signature_zps5f2a40a0.png

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