Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If only heaven had a phone

Or does it??
Over the weekend I received a call from my college roommate who told me she had just gone to a psychic. The lady told her she knew two women who had passed away and one of them was quite young. This was true. She said the girl had died from loss of control. She then said this spirit was trying to channel to my friend and wanted her to tell her friend that she is okay.
Five years ago while living with my college roommate I lost my sister in a car accident. A loss of control one could say. My sister and my friends older aunt are the only two females my friend knew who had passed. How could this woman have made this up? It brought me to tears and gave me a sense of peace that day.
Grief begins as an open wound and over time the wound starts to heal but there will always be a scar serving to remind us of our loved ones, the storm the hit us, and the person we became when the storm was over.
To everyone who has lost some one, I commend you for keeping going and finding reasons to smile. Xo

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