Friday, July 19, 2013

Our year in Europe: Part 5 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was one of the last places that Kyle & I went to stay in during our year in Europe. I think it was the start of April, so it was still a bit chilly in Hungary where we were living, but it ended up being perfect weather in Prague and we were stoked to be able to enjoy the first patio of the season in such a neat little place! Prague has the most interesting architecture and art, and as an art lover, I fell head over heels for this place. In my books its a must visit!

 This is a view of the gothic bridge which we ended up walking across and is so busy and amazing in and of itself!

This moving statue is hilarious. The penises of these fine two men move back and forth while water trickles out to make it look like they are urinating and it spells poetic quotes. Too funny!

                   First patio of the season equipped with pretzels and dark beer!

We had lunch on the restaurant in the background that looks like a boat and it was so tasty and that's when we spotted the swans and walked here to take some pictures!

           This is the John Lennon wall which I just love, so fun and free spirited!

Aydah, our puppy, and I hanging out downtown Prague

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