Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saturday's Wedding Adventures

My husband and I went out of town last night for our friends wedding and had the best time dressing up & mixing new friends with old friends. There was some time to kill between the ceremony and party, so we decided to stop in at a local pub for a drink to kill time and were a little taken back that the local pub was called Swamp Donkeys..

But we stopped in anyways and to our surprise it was actually a really cute little place despite its name and the numerous motorcycles parked out front.
I hadn't done anything besides work and hang out at home for so long that I was so excited to get out and get dressed up and I love any excuse to sport my fabulous Zara print shoes I posted about here, curl my hair, and I even painted my nails mint green (of course) to match this necklace from spring! We had such a great night! 

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