Saturday, August 10, 2013

Careprost Lifetime Lashes

While I was living in Hungary I discovered how inexpensive eyelash extensions were and because I am blonde and allergic to almost every kind of mascara (except L'Oreal) I decided to give them a go. At first, they were awesome. Waking up everyday with long dark lashes were unreal, but it was just another appointment to have to get to and eventually I wanted them filled once a week. Not to mention, between fills they always look great from the side, but not as awesome from the front. Anyways we were about to embark on a road trip through Italy and Austria and I wouldn't be able to get a fill and in my haste I pulled a Britney Spears and literally ripped out my false lashes and my real ones came with them. Yikes. That's when I start to think about Latisse. An eyelash growing serum required to get through a doctor that costs about 140 dollars a bottle. Outrageous right? I started doing my research and came across Careprost America. Hallelujah! With three months before my wedding it was the perfect time to start using it because it takes a full 16 weeks before you see the full effects. Careprost runs about 30 dollars a bottle and shipping is so cheap. The pictures below aren't my lashes, but I promise you this is very close to what my before and after looked like:

I always thought I would have false lashes for my wedding, but after 16 weeks of using this magic little potion I was au natural on my wedding day. After using it every night for 16 weeks I now only use it a few nights a week before bed on clean lashes! You can find them on Facebook to place an order check out this site for more information

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