Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Mom & Baby Must Have & Have Nots

1:Colic Drops // 2. Soothie Wubbanub Soother // 3: Arbonne Diaper Rash Cream (contact your local dealer) // 4: Lady Bug Bath Sponge Cushion // 5: Aden & Anais Pyara Bamboo swaddles // 6: Ollie Swaddle // 7: Baby Elephant Ears

Okay lemme tell ya what I love about all these things.

1: I know there are a ton of colic drops out there and I haven't tried them all, but I have tried these and they work. Sure, they smell like dill and she hates them, but if she's crying non stop half  adose of this stuff, a couple of burps later, and she's quiet and at peace.

2: This is the soother she tried first in the hospital and now its the only one she will take. I hated the look of it at first, but with these cute animals attached who wouldn't love them and as she gets older and even now they make it easier for her to hold.

3: I don't know if she's just not prone to diaper rash, or if this cream rocks, but I never mess with a good thing, so I'm gonna keep using it as long as it keeps working because so far we're one month and zero rashes.

4: This sponge thing rocks. My in laws got us a little plastic tub which makes it so easy to bath her, but like any tub it's hard and cold and her head goes to the bottom so I always had to hold it and then we got this as a gift and it makes all the difference. It is soft, holds her head, and keeps her warm. I love it and it makes bath time so easy and she loves it way more.

5: I got myself some of these swaddles and made the mistake of not getting the bamboo version. Then we got these ones as a gift and oh my gosh they are so so soft and she rarely is far away from one of them. I use them to swaddle her, as nursing covers, as a car seat cover to keep sun or wind off her when we're walking in her stroller, or to the car. Its a must have in my books.

6: I splurged on getting two of these swaddles before she was born and she has not slept one single night without it, so thank goodness we have two in case one gets dirty there is a spare. You can read up on them more, but it keeps her the perfect temperature, has Velcro so its easy to swaddle and stays together, holds her in all night, has an elastic at the bottom, so you don't have to unwrap her for any night time diaper changes and she sleeps great, so it must be working!

7: I use this in her swing the most and also in her stroller. Her head was always dropping to one side and after reading an article about baby's suffocating that way, or getting soft spots on their heads I knew I had to get one. It keeps her neck perfectly aligned and is super cute!

So far, the things I know I don't love are:

Woombie Swaddles.. I find them too tight, too close to her neck, and they zip, so you have to take her out for diaper changes. Wasted my money on these for sure.

Although I do like Pamper diapers and the great stripe invention that changes color, so you know when she is wet I HATE their wipes. They leave this slippery gross coating on her and it makes it impossible to get cream rubbed on good. I hate them.

Onesies that zipper. They are okay for lounging around in during the day, but one way to wake a sleeping baby is to get her cold, so although button ones take longer to put on they are well worth it for night time changes because you can just sneak her legs out, change the diaper, and she stays warm and sleepy!

I think that's about it for my one month favs and least favs as a new momma! Let me know anything I am missing that you are loving!

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