Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Maternity Must Haves

Last week when I finally got around to posting something for the first time in months I alluded to some reasons why I was so m.i.a. Well, another main reason for my disappearance is because I am pregnant! We are expecting our first baby, a girl, in April! Which might seem like a strange reason to drop off the earth, but I'll explain. At first I was literally too tired to do anything but work, eat, and sleep. I am talking full out exhaustion. I kept a yoga mat in my office and as soon as 12pm hit I turned the lights out, set an alarm, and snoozed on the floor for 45 mins every. single. day. For weeks. Thank god I share my office with an angel who let me do this and quietly sat at her desk while I got much needed rest.

Then it was time for my temp job to be made permanent, so even after we were "safe" to announce it my husband and I decided to keep it hush until I got my job figured out and just last week it finallly got made permanent and I couldn't be so more excited to have an awesome career to return to after maternity leave! So while all that was going on it was pretty heartbreaking to hide my growing bump and it seemed impossible to write a lifestyle blog while keeping the most exciting thing in my life a secret. BUT it did give me plenty of time, as in 6 months worth, to research all my other fav blogger momma favorites and read countless reviews, so today I've come up with a list of purchases I've made so far some I've tried and some I'll really only be able to try once our little gal gets here in April!

1. Legacy BFF Diaper Bag // 2. Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow // 3. Woombie // 4. Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Leggings // 5. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets // 6. Solly Baby Wrap // 7. Baby Jogger City Select // 8. Maxi Cosi Mico AP Car Seat

Legacy BFF diaper bag
I scoured online for ever trying to find out what the fav bags were out there and when I found this one I knew I had to have it. It's a bit on the pricey side, but I love that the straps can be adjusted to be worn as a back pack because I know I'll be doing lots of traveling with the little duffer and from what I hear this bag is the best for traveling mommas. I already have it all packed and it fits so much stuff in it and I love the pull out changing pad!

Bump Nest Pillow
I bought this as soon as I found out I was pregnant and it has become a god send. I keep reading I should lay on my left side which isn't my natural sleeping position, so this pillow keeps me so snuggled in and I love having one side longer to sleep between my knees. It is so awesome!

I knew I had to have some of these. Every testimonial and review ravs about how much better babies sleep in woombies, so although I haven't tested it myself yet I'm trusting all you other mommas out there and the name alone is too cute not to have!

Ingrid & Isabel leggings
I saw these on one of my fav bloggers and decided to get a pair and lemme tell you.. I wear them on the daily. They are thick enough to wear with long sweaters or dresses and are so comfy on my ever growing body & belly.

Aden + Anais swaddle blankets
Again, haven't tried to swaddle with these yet, but pretty much every mom out there ravs about them and the designs alone are just so cute, so when they went on sale on Amazon I scooped some up and they are thee softest blankets ever I can't wait to wrap her all up in these!!

Solly Baby Wrap
I love the idea of wearing the baby without the hard shell of the styles in most stores, so when I saw other bloggers on Instagram wearing and loving this wrap I knew it was going to be a must have for me. Shipping to Canada makes them more pricey, but they've been working on making it better and I waited til they had a sale and got one, so keep your eye on them!

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller
I knew I wanted a stroller that I could add seats to as more babies join our family, so I kept that in mind and read countless reviews and ended up getting this stroller and it's awesome. There is nothing worse than pushing a stroller that doesn't turn well and is a nuisance to use, so although this one is on the pricier side I think it will be worth every penny!

Maxi Cosi Mico Car Seat
Again lots of research went into this one. I wanted to get a car seat that had high safety ratings, didn't make the baby too hot and sweaty (I've read some do) but was still soft and cozy, and was super light and this one is perfect!


A couple other things I picked up was a night light for the bathroom from Ikea and it's so handy. It turns off when it gets light out and saves me from having to turn a bright light on and waking myself up when I need to pee what sometimes feels like a gazillion times in a night.

I also read mixed reviews about bottle warmers except for this Orb one that I picked up from Amazon to have on hand when Kyle is able to get up in the night and feed the little duffer. I plan on breastfeeding, but it will be nice for Kyle to be able to feed her sometimes too!

And even though our baby is still very far away from teething I got some Hyland Teething Tablets also on amazon because every online mother swears by them, so I feel good knowing they will be in my cupboard and I'm prepared for those early teething days!

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