Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Printed Wide Leg Pants

I share an office at my day job with the coolest chick (that makes me sound like I have a night job. I don't. I just have a full time job related to my degree and do make up on the side.. know what I'm sayin?) So anyways, she does photography a bit on the side, so we decided to get together one evening after work and take some pics by my house to show you a couple new outfits I've been loving. 

Palazzo, Harlem, and any other version of wide leg pants right now are totally my thing. They are so light and cool for warm days and look so cute and stylish and I'm all about comfort! I also wear this T from Joe Fresh all the days. I actually bought two of them because I love the fabric, I love the baseball tee style of it and the little pocket which just makes it a little more fancy. Its the best and I find myself wearing these necklaces from Aldo lots too, it's not too bold and goes with so much!

What are your favorite summer trends??

What I'm wearing:

Wide legs pants: Forever 21 (sold out)  // Tee: Joe Fresh // Necklace: Aldo // Watch: Aldo


  1. Darling darling darling. I love your eye makeup. Have you done tutorials on that before? If not, I need one :)


    1. Thanks Kristy!! I always make then delete my tutorials because I find myself so awkward on camera, but I am workin on it!! xo