Sunday, May 24, 2015

Maternity Pictures

I'm so behind on posts that tomorrow my little lady is one month old and I still haven't shared the maternity pictures from when I was 37 weeks pregnant. I don't want to skip any steps in her journey into the world, so I am going to go back and talk a little bit about month 9 of being preggo, by far my least favorite.

Now that I have my daughter in my life I think I can safely say that I will enjoy my next pregnancy even more because even though you know you get a baby at the end, you, or at least I didn't fully get it and how amazing it is that I grew this little miracle in my body for nine months and is worth everyday and every symptom. I never had a difficult pregnancy, not much in terms of morning sickness, or other symptoms besides exhaustion until the final stages. I had an active uterus, so I had tons of Braxton Hicks that landed me in the hospital once and put me on edge thinking I was at risk for premature labor. I went off work sick on April 10th and I didn't go into labor until one day after my due date on April 25th. Little did I know, I really needed that time off to relax and rest more than I ever thought, but more about that in a later post where I'll talk about my labor.

Like I said, these pictures were taken when I was 37 weeks. A friend of mine took the pictures for us and then I edited them using the program Lightroom! I love seeing pictures of my mom pregnant it's so cool to see pictures of her as a young mom and I love seeing the styles of clothes she used to wear too, so I am so happy my kids will have these pictures to look back on and see us as a young couple getting ready to become parents!

I got all of my maternity clothes from Thyme maternity including this dress. I tried on every dress in the store and this is the only one that made me feel like I hadn't just gained a bunch of weight and was trying to squeeze into a dress. I love that there is two layers to it, so it hid my bulging belly button and any extra cellulite my butt cheeks accumulated in late pregnancy and it was perfect spring colors! Thyme always has great sales and I ended up getting an online coupon for 50% off any item in the store, so it ended up being so cheap and I am sure I will wear it again someday!

Dress: Thyme Maternity // Coat: Sheinside // Shoes: Aldo 

* I am wearing my Euronext 18" extensions in Blonde Frost from Sally beauty

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