Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Intentions for 2017

There have been numerous times in my life when I packed up all I could fit into not so big boxes and left a part of me behind. A part of my soul left in my hometown, my University town, the quaint European village I inhabited for nine months, and now all of me resides in a town twenty minutes from where my husband was born. It is in all of these places that I came with sparse belongings and a half empty heart moving further & further from my roots, my family, and the Atlantic.

When you move so many times you start to lose your sense of belonging and I found myself questioning my identity. I tried filling my time with new activities, hobbies, exercise. I became the type of person with a long list of things I said I wanted to do, or was going to do and then never did them.
Then I had my girls and I had purpose. I was busy. I didn't have to tell myself I was going to start sewing, baking bread for the homeless, or design a website for single mothers (just an example of some of the many things I thought would help me find myself that I never fully committed to).

This blog is another example of that. I knew I wanted to write when I started it, but about what? I do make-up on the side of my career, so I did that for a while, but it still wasn't really "me". When Scotlyn was born with Albinism I turned to writing and this blog as an outlet, to connect with others, and share my feelings. As a kid I always wrote and read poetry, and as a 20 something I did a degree in English, so words have always been a part of my soul.

As I sit here today, while my two girls nap and having just found out this week I landed the career I always wanted, I realize that I waste a lot of time thinking about all the things I want to do and not ever really do it. I wasn't even going to apply for the job I've wanted for so long until multiple people called to tell me I should and now because of these supporters, after my maternity leave, I will start my new career.  I am hoping this post will help hold me accountable for all the things I want to accomplish in 2017:

Work on:
Read more
Don't waste money
Spend less time online/watching TV
Get in better shape & eat healthier
Be a better wife & Mother
Spend more time outside
Cross off and DO:
Pay off student debt
Buy an SUV
Go to Paint night
Go indoor rock climbing
Lose 10lbs
Become a certified Bereavement Doula click for more info
Get a work promotion
Make my own scent free/toxic free laundry soap recipe here.